Born in Killorglin, nestled between the Ring of Kerry and the Atlantic Way, Gemma spent her youth in Kerry before moving to England in her early twenties. She studied Sculpture at Newbury College of Art and did a degree in Visual Studies at Winchester School of Art where she specialised in painting.

Now Gemma divides her time between painting studios in Kerry and Berkshire, and regularly attends life drawing at the Royal Academy of Arts in the famous Life Room created by Sir Joshua Reynolds, a unique space that helps nourish her artistic practice.


Gemma’s paintings of dark and light eschew traditional painting techniques, with the artist using her bare hands to apply raw pigment to canvas. “When I am in my studio I am untethered by position or possibility” Gemma explains, her paint stained palms bearing witness to her colour saturated landscapes.

A force of nature to be reckoned with, Gemma draws inspiration from the timelessness of nature and its ever-changing patterns. A raw intensity is conveyed through bold marks of textured colours and abstract imagery, which is both contemplative and meditative.


The Irish Independent

“Gemma’s paintings are tingling with an almost electric energy, as if she has caught the very essence of the storm energy and transmitted or transmuted it through paint.”


Gemma exhibits her work in Ireland and London and her current exhibition is open daily from 29 February until 2 April at the Hay Hill Gallery, 35 Baker Street, London W1U 8EN.